Composite Fillings

For over 150 years, cavities were filled with a mixture of metals, including silver and mercury. It was perfectly normal to see dark grey areas in someone’s mouth when they laughed. But today, you can get your cavities, as well as any other smaller hollow areas in your teeth, filled with composite fillings. Composite fillings are made from resins that are matched to your tooth’s color so they become invisible when applied.
The factors that go into our decision to use composite fillings include:
  • The size of the area that needs to be filled
  • The location of the affected area in the mouth (i.e., a tooth that is heavily relied on for chewing)
  • Allergies the patient might have
  • The preference of the patient regarding the use of metals in the mouth
  • Whether it is necessary cosmetically to have a tooth-colored filling

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“I am so grateful for Dr. Lee! I am no longer afraid to make a dentist appointment (as a matter of fact, I make appts upon leaving). Today, I came in with a huge hole in my tooth from where a filling fell out from years ago. I had an absolutely pain free experience. It didn’t even hurt to get the shot! Even the equipment used to keep the mouth open is soft and comfortable. If I ever move, I will remain a client even if I have to travel for hours. Thank you!” ~G.W.

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